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“Does an Islamic Label Cause Stock Price Comovements and Commonality in Liquidity?” Applied Economics 50 (2018): 6444-6457 with Asem Alhomaidi, M. Kabir Hassan and Abdulrahman Alhassan


“Corporate Lobbying and Labor Relations: Evidence from Employee-Level Litigations.” Journal of Corporate Finance 46 (2017): 411-441 with Omer Unsal and Kabir Hassan


“Impact of Product Recall Announcements and Security Price Reaction.” Journal of Economics and Business 93 (2017): 62-79 with Omer Unsal and Kabir Hassan


“Corporate lobbying, CEO political ideology and firm performance.” Journal of Corporate Finance 38 (2016): 126-149 with Omer Unsal and Kabir Hassan


“Prior Returns Relative to a Benchmark and Return Predictability on Industry Style Portfolios” The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 63 (2017): 193-203 with Abdullah Noman and Atsuyuki Naka


“The Islamic Banking and Economic Growth Nexus: A Panel VAR Analysis for Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Countries.” Journal of Economic Cooperation Development 37, 1, (2016): 69-100 with Fusun Celebi and Kabir Hassan


“Aggregate Earnings and Expected Stock Returns in Emerging Markets” Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, May/Jun2011, Vol. 47 Issue 3, p4-22, with K. Ozgur Demirtas (Lead Article)

Working Papers

“Green Bonds: Is there a Benefit to 3rd Party Certification?” with Nicolas Duvernois


“Stock Price Synchronicity, Diversification and Predictability of Aggregate Stock Returns in International Markets” with Ozgur Demirtas


“Importance of Transaction Costs for Asset Allocations in US Equity Markets” with Luca Pezzo and Lei Wang


“How big is FX liquidity premium?” with Phuvadon Wuthisatian, Kabir Hassan and Atsuyuki Naka

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